September 18, 2013

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Fleet Management 2011

Dear experts from the field of fleet management,

we are very glad that the 9th year of the conference Fleet Management, held on 28th April 2011 in TOP Hotel Praha, attracted more than hundred participants and confirmed to be an important platform where fleet managers can share their positive experience, get inspired from each other or warn against underbidding but not working practices and services.

In discussions as well as in evaluating feedback participants agreed the costs of fleet is no longer considered a negligible entry in most companies but it gains more and more attention of CFOs. Therefore the most interesting part of the conference was the closing round table, where panelists, CFOs of companies of different size and character, discussed opportunities for savings offered by more elaborated fleet management. An evident change was also in the approach to usage of electric cars or cars with CNG fuels. These start to be regarded not only as an ecological alternative, but also as a crucial way to save funds, not only in commercial sphere but also in local administration and public services.

In the plenary session there were presentations of 9 speakers in two blocks. With a pleasure we can say that according to a questionnaires participants accepted the program mainly positively. The best evaluated speaker of the opening session and the whole conference was Radovan Mužík from the company Fleet Partners. He newly grasped the topic of TCO and using specific examples he denied some widespread myths and described in detail the method of correct choice of vehicles and parameters of their funding.

The second block with topic of technical dimension of safety was professionally moderated by Stanislav Zelenka from Czech Association of Fleet Management. The most persuasive speaker of this session was Lubomír Kolman from RWE, who offered comparison of operation of a car with CNG drive and petrol/oil drive. Surprisingly there is a tens thousands difference in operation costs of one car per year with return of investment to the car with CNG drive within less than one year. Therefore the speaker asked a legitimate question why CFOs looking for savings in many areas use the way of CNG drive so little.

The best evaluated part of program was the closing discussion of CFOs led by Richard Plos, Editor-in- Chief of the magazine Fleet firemní automobily, which was also the main media partner of the conference. The round table of CFOs from companies of different fields, from IT through FMCG to financial institutions or company services, brought very different views on ways to reach efficiency in fleet operation. There were compared extremes from “no company cars” to “full usage of operative leasing with open calculation”. Panelists, supported with many questions and remarks from the audience, discussed savings offered by more elaborated employees mobility management and they offered the preset fleet managers an opportunity to see their work from a different perspective.

On behalf of organizers we thank to those of you who came to the conference to share experience and we are looking forward that many more will come next year. We are planning some crucial conceptual changes in which we will gladly welcome also your ideas! Please write us at info@blueevents.eu

We are looking forward to your ideas.
In the name of organizers

Antonín Parma
General Manager
Blue Events

Program 2011

08.00-09.00 REGISTRATION
09.00-11.00 A. FINANCIAL DIMENSION OF SAFETY Chaired by Jarmila Frejtichová, Editor-in-Chief, Moderní řízení
  1. Czech economy – EU periphery or a German satellite? Pavel Sobíšek, Main Economist, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic
  2. Drivers psyche as a factor of fleet costs Robert Kotál, President of the Board, Dopravní akademie a.s.
  3. TCO – objective tool for parameters choice Radovan Mužík, Managing Partner, Fleet Partners
  4. Issue of fleets in state administration Jan Hurt, Sales Director Central Europe, Škoda Auto and Jan Kloud, Marketing Director, ŠkoFIN
  5. Public finances and their efficiency Jan Bureš, Main Economist – Poštovní spořitelna, part of Československá obchodní banka
11.00-11.30 COFFEE BREAK
11.30-13.00 B. TECHNICAL DIMENSION OF SAFETY Chaired by Stanislav Zelenka, President, Česká Asociace Fleet Managementu
  6. How to minimize costs of excessive fleet wear? Pavel Černý, Second Hand Vehicle Management Department Director, DEKRA Automobil
  7. Electromobil – promise or reality of future fleets? Tomáš Chmelík, Head of Clean Technologies, E-mobility Project Manager, ČEZ
  8. Alternative fuels of the future Lubomír Kolman, Project Manager, RWE Transgas
  9. Residual value as one of the TCO key parameters Aleš Zich, Expert Advisor, Auto AZ Consulting
13.00-14.00 BUSINESS LUNCH
14.00-15.30 C. ROUND TABLE Chaired by Richard Plos, Editor-in-Chief, magazines Fleet and AutoBusiness
  Panel discussion topics:
• How do CFOs of important companies see savings in fleet management?
• What will we do when gas price grows to 50 CZK per liter?
• Is economic measures and low-cost driving a bonus or a crucial necessity?
• Are cars still acceptable as a benefit and how to get out of it?
• Where to find saving sources?
• Is it more worthy to push to supplier or to own people?
• Does it pay off to buy cheap services?


Hana Černá, Finance Manager, Grafton Recruitment
Kristýna Gellérová, Procurement Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
Petr Fiala, CFO and Managing Partners, YOUR SYSTEM
Jitka Paterová, CFO, Penam
Sonia Slavtcheva, Group Chief Financial Officer, Home Credit International

and representatives of other important companies and state administration

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