September 18, 2013

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

thank to those of you who came to share their interest in new visions in mobility to the first year of Mobility Management Congress. From the feedback we received in person or in questionnaires it is evident on our market there already are companies which see great economic potential in supporting new way of thinking and new technologies. But many companies are still limited by unwillingness to change groovy processes.

This "differentiation" of opinions on the market was significantly reflected in feedback of the first presentation at the congress. Martin Hausenblas, founder and vicepresident of the Board of Adler Int. company divided with his visionary presentation the audience to those who honoured the brand new perspective of viewing personal ownership of cars „Status is not created by cars but by mobiloity“ andd those who were shocked by this presentation and therefore they commented it, in the better case, with words „Czech will have to wait a long time more for this.

As other speakers agreed in their following presentations growth of influence of new technologies and changes in values of individuals and corporate strategies are faster than they seem to be. It is "just enough" to decide: „Whether it will take place with us or without us.“

More details about the congress content are the core of separate press release. The best evaluated part of the congress was traditionally the afternoon panel discussion, that openly revealed sensitive relationships between customers and suppliers this year.

We believe the discussed impulses will be planted in the mind of those who participated at the congress as well as of those who just read about it or watch shared videos. We believe even on the Czech market there will grow number of companies who are taking the nowe path of mobility and they will prove it at the next congress year.

Looking forward to seeing you next year

In the name of organizers

Antonín Parma
General Manager
Blue Events

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